Mazharul Anwar

Mazharul Anwar

A programmer by trade and passionate about system design and startups, Maz has over 10 years of experience in building softwares and web applications. He has helped build CurrenSeek ( Help travellers find the best exchange rates ), Aquamob ( Next generation, data driven, animal farming ), Serviceclicks (an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of services), (A ticketing platform) and (payment gateway) as startup products and (A domain management system ) for Integricity Corporation among other numerous web applications and systems for various corporate clients.

Envisioning seamless and frictionless re-fuelling services by building connected mobile fuel delivery at Petronas aka ROVR. Building technology roadmaps, ecosystem of connected hardwares, delivering data driven Petrol Station as a Service solution, and scaling a SaaS based startup for global expansion.

Enabling team's adaptation to microservices architecture, cloud, distributed systems, data-driven development, automation, agile methodologies, and DevOps culture. Have a passion for mentoring and coaching engineers and teams on how to deliver better products faster. Strongly believes in servant leadership.

Maz is passionate about all things related to system architecture and design. He is an open source enthusiast and loves spending time in terminals, be it in a docker swarm or simple VMs. He is fond of golang and experiments with big data technologies when not leading his team to build, iterate and deploy the next versions of softwares.

Learning the art of software development. He is a master of Nodejs; Advance learner of Go Lang, Python and beginner in Scala. He used to be a master of PHP.

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